Red Room

Every third Saturday of the month, The Red Room, Taipei, hosts “Stage Time and Wine”, an open mic night and creative exchange. Often interactive, Stage Time and Wine explores the boundaries between audience and performer.

When I entered the venue, singers were performing a folk song in Gaelic – how unexpected in Taiwan! They paused to teach us the lyrics. I was not just a spectator, but a participant! Following this were a fan dancer, a youth singing a Beatles tune, and a bilingual stand-up comedian. Anyone could perform: just need to sign up on the list at the entry.

Stage Time and Wine isn’t just about the show; Red Room is a forum of exchange on many levels. On one particular evening, I was able to network with local photographers interested in collaborating on a creative project.  Another woman called for volunteers for an upcoming event generating support for Taiwan’s indigenous population. Artists, activists and innovators can easily link with others here, as people come with a sense of readiness.

A collaboration of a musician and a local animator, attendee of Stage Time and Wine.

Stage Time and Wine is just one of its many of Red Room’s venture seeking to establish a non-zero sum community in which everyone gains from the experience. Their most recent endeavor, “A Nook for Rhyme Crooks”, is a performance evening centered on the art of spoken word. Opening night is April 27, and will continue monthly. More here.

Redroom2Photos courtesy of Holly Harrington. xo

Animals Taiwan


“Animals Taiwan Animals TaiwanAssociation is a non-profit social organization duly established under the laws of the Republic of China for the pursuit of the following objectives: to promote the welfare of all Taiwan’s animals through, but not limited to, public education, humane population control and the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Taiwan’s free-roaming animals.”


There are both English and Chinese options on the website for ease of information! If you can, adopt or sponsor today. What cutie-pies!!

Welcome to Authentic East!

Authentic East is a showcase of flourishing community life in the Asia-Pacific region. It is our hope to reveal hidden gems of everyday life, bring the “Far East” more near, and to show unity in diversity among our human family.

See you soon!

In Penghu, Taiwan, a blowfish ended up in a fishing net. He entertained us for a bit before he was thrown back out.

In Penghu, Taiwan, a blowfish ended up in a fishing net. He entertained us for a bit before he was thrown back out.